Flesh and Blood Uprising Pre-Release Registration

Flesh and Blood
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Expected release date is 17th Jun 2022

Flesh and Blood Uprising Pre Release Registration

Starts at 2:00pm on June 18, 2022 @ 2121 East Lambert Road, Orange County, CA, United States.

Format: Sealed Deck

Players open 6 booster packs and use the contents to construct a 30-card minimum deck (not including hero, weapon, and equipment cards). Note - it’s during the start-of-game procedure that the exact 30 cards (minimum) are chosen. Typically, a player will change a small number of cards in their deck based on the hero they are about to play against.

A deck may only contain Generic cards and cards with the same class and/or talent as your hero card.

The 3-card limit applicable to constructed formats does not apply to limited formats. A sealed deck may contain any number of copies of each unique card. For example, if your card pool contains 5 copies of Scar for a Scar (1), you may include all 5 copies in your deck.

  • Deck construction: 30 minutes
  • Matches: Best of 1
  • Round time: 30 minutes