Dinosaur World: Hybird Pack

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The scientists in Dinosaur World never thought to ask if they should. They have decided to tinker with nature itself by combining the DNA of different dinosaurs to create brand new species never seen before.


Guests are always looking for something new and more exciting, and it's not like nature was gonna make new Dinosaur types.


This expansion comes with 3 new dinosaurs that are a hybrid of different types: Galliraptor (herbivore Gallimimus & small carnivore Raptor), Tyrannaceratops (herbivore Triceratops & large carnivore T-Rex), and Velocidon (small carnivore Velociraptor & large canivore Pteranodon).


It also includes the dino enclosure tile for each new hybrid dino and a special new black die. When visiting a hybrid dino enclosure tile, you will roll both dice of that dino's types (example: roll both herbivore and small carnivore dice for Galliraptor) AND the new black die, which offers excitement or security.

These new dinos grant higher victory point levels, but it comes with increased threat as well. However, their dual types are quite versatile, as they can satisfy the various objectives and tiles seen in the game!


Contents: 6 Dinosaurs (18 color meeples), 6 park tiles, 1 die.